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Queensland’s wine industry is one of the State’s not so hidden gems.  The history of the industry dates back to the 1860′s – and like all good wines it has developed with age. With over 1300 hectares of vines and a new generation of talented people guiding production, the creation of quality Queensland wines has had wide acceptance nationally and internationally. As wine tourism gathers momentum, the burgeoning industry has seen more trail blazers emerge and cellar doors open. It’s easy to lose count of the number of passionate vignerons and their families who warmly welcome visitors to experience the fruits of their labours. In recent times vignerons have gone beyond the traditional varieties of Chardonnay, Semillon, Shiraz , Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and have passionately embraced the alternative varieties such as Tempranillo, Viognier and many others.


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